Welcome to the Downtown Simcoe
BIA Business Directory!

About the Downtown Simcoe BIA

It’s all about uncovering more and more of downtown Simcoe’s endless potential. It’s about uniting property owners, tenants and members of the community. It’s about unapologetically believing that downtown Simcoe is an awesome place to live, work and play. It’s about building a sense of community and belonging. And doing whatever we can to make amazing things possible in this downtown core. Our goal? It’s for YOU to be proud of this downtown.

What We Do

Our mission is to help our beautiful downtown and its businesses grow and thrive!


Oversee the improvement, beautification and maintenance of municipally-owned land, buildings and structures in the BIA area beyond those provided at the expense of the municipality.


Promote the area as a thriving business, shopping, and service area.


Promote co-operation and joint planning of comprehensive improvement projects by the municipality, business groups and the community at large.


Engage in strategic planning necessary to address BIA issues and take advantage of opportunities.


Advocate for the interests of the BIA and its member businesses.


Manage the money that is collected by Norfolk County from the compulsory BIA levy and leverage the funding for the benefit of BIA member businesses.