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Jim McGimpsey, General Manager, Downtown Simcoe Business Improvement Area (BIA,)
50 Peel Street, Simcoe ON, N3Y 1S2

Ph. (519) 426-5150   F. (519) 429-0284

The Downtown Simcoe BIA (Business Improvement Area) is a geographic district in the downtown Simcoe core with a volunteer board of management composed of downtown merchants, property owners, and a liaison member of municipal council and is managed by a General Manager.

The Downtown Simcoe BIA provides close to 200 local businesses and property owners the opportunity to join together and, with the support of the municipality, to organize, finance and carry out physical improvement and promote the downtown district.

To successfully meet this directive the BIA is involved in numerous activities that include: marketing, consumer/member campaigns, events & seasonal decorations, business recruitment, streetscape improvement & other amenities.

The entire community benefits from having a BIA! BIA improvements and activities assist in the creation of a prosperous local economic environment ~ attracting visitors, retaining local consumers & encouraging growth serving to renew civic pride and responsibility thus ensuring community interest and involvement in the future development and sustainability of this key area of our region's collective history.

Merchants benefit from an improved retail atmosphere and increased exposure under the 'Downtown Simcoe brand' umbrella and receive representation of their interests with municipal council & can realize savings through improved integration of capital funding and promotional activities. Property owners experience increased property values as the BIA facilitates a desirable district for business development.

The Downtown Simcoe BIA proudly operates with the support of its membership, community and municipal council to ensure the continued renaissance of our area's premier shopping, service and experience district in the heart of Norfolk County.

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